General rules


Amater Endurance Cup 2024



I.1. The Amater Endurance Cup is a series of endurance car races on closed circuits.

I.2. The Amater Endurance Cup is the exclusive organizer of these events and is responsible for both the sporting and administrative organization.

I.3. The Amater Endurance Cup is governed exclusively by these regulations and technical rules issued for all races in the series. In the event of any sporting or organizational disputes or situations not described in the official documents, the organizer reserves the right to decide on these matters at their discretion. Such decisions are final.



II.1. A Competitor is any individual or legal entity who registers for the Amater Endurance Cup through a duly completed application form confirmed by the organizer. The Responsible Person named in the application represents the competitor. A competitor can register an unlimited number of cars, but if two or more competitors have the same name, each competitor will have a different starting number confirmed by the organizer.

II.2. For the purposes of these regulations, a Team refers to a registered car with an assigned starting number and the drivers competing with it. Drivers can be changed without restriction during the Amater Endurance Cup. The team’s identifying mark is the assigned starting number of their car.

II.3. For the purposes of these regulations, a Driver refers to the person who drives the registered car. They must be named in the competitor's application and meet the following conditions:

   a) Be at least 18 years old and hold a group B driver's license.

   b) Have valid health insurance.

   c) Have signed the Driver’s Declaration, confirming that they fully accept the obligations arising from the regulations and that they are in good health.

II.4. For the purposes of these regulations, an Event refers to a racing event with its own results, including the race itself. An event starts and ends according to the schedule announced one month before each individual race.

II.5. The controlling bodies of the event are:

   - Race Director

   - Two-member JURY

   - The controlling bodies are appointed by the organizer.



III.1. The definitive and authoritative text of these regulations is the Czech version, which will be used in case of any doubt regarding interpretation.

III.2. These regulations become effective upon publication.

III.3. The organizer may adapt individual provisions of these regulations to the conditions of the event.

III.4. An event can be canceled by the decision of the organizer.



IV.1. Cars eligible for the Amater Endurance Cup must meet the following conditions:

   a) Vehicles based on those homologated for regular road traffic, modified for racing purposes as specified by at least these regulations.

   b) Comply with the technical regulations stated in the appendix (technical regulations) of these rules.

   c) Comply with the maximum noise level limit of 100 dB + 2 dB for measurement error, measured at 3800 RPM for gasoline engines and 2800 RPM for diesel engines.

IV.2. Cars are divided into the following groups:

   a) Group A – vehicles up to 1600 cc.

   b) Group B – vehicles up to 2000 cc.

   c) Group C – vehicles up to 2500 cc.

   d) Group D – vehicles over 2500 cc.

   The final group classification of the vehicle will be determined after a technical inspection by a technician.



Only tires approved for use on public roads and marked with E (DOT, ECE) homologation can be used in the Amater Endurance Cup. The number of tires is not limited. Competitors must bring all tires they expect to use, including wet sets on rims, to the technical inspection.



All vehicles must use unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel.



Starting numbers will be assigned by the organizer to vehicles at their first registration for the Amater Endurance Cup and will remain the same throughout the season, or its remainder. If the team’s vehicle changes for another race but remains in the same group, the number remains unchanged. If the vehicle is assigned to a different group, it will be considered a new entry and assigned a new starting number. This change must be announced at least one day before the race or at the administrative and technical inspection.



VIII.1. Each driver must be equipped with their own protective helmet, a textile suit covering the entire body, closed footwear, and leather or full-fingered motorist gloves. Without this equipment, the driver will not be allowed on the track.



IX.1. All drivers, competitors, and officials participating in the Amater Endurance Cup commit, on behalf of themselves, their employees, representatives, and agents, to adhere to all provisions of these regulations and any supplements issued in the form of appendices and directives.

IX.2. It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that all persons affected by their registration and accompanying persons comply with the provisions of these regulations and any supplements issued throughout the event.

IX.3. Competitors must ensure that their vehicles comply with conformity, eligibility, and safety requirements throughout the event as approved in the technical inspection.

IX.4. By presenting a vehicle for technical inspection, the competitor certifies that the vehicle complies with the technical regulations valid for the Amater Endurance Cup.

IX.5. Participants in the Amater Endurance Cup are required to follow the instructions of the organizers. The presence of participants in all areas of the race track is at their own risk. If a participant’s actions or behavior contradict the organizer’s instructions, they will be expelled from the race area without compensation.

IX.6. All team members must comply with the provisions of these regulations and unconditionally adhere to them.

IX.7. On roads within the race area, all vehicles must comply with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and follow local traffic signs.

IX.8. It is PROHIBITED to release any petroleum products within the event area. Any leakage must be immediately reported to the organizer. Intentional release will be fined 25,000 CZK. The participant responsible for such a violation must cover all costs associated with remedying the consequences and any damages and will be excluded from the race.

IX.9. After the race, the competitor MUST clean up their assigned space, including any related areas in front of or behind their assigned spot.

IX.10. Motorsports are dangerous. Competitors, including their entourage (drivers, mechanics, team members, and guests), participate in the Amater Endurance Cup at their own risk. They bear individual civil and criminal liability for all damages caused by themselves and their vehicles.



X.1. At least four endurance race events will be held during the season. Results from each race in the season will automatically be included in the Amater Endurance Cup classification for all teams.

X.2. The length and location of each race are determined as follows:

   - 9.3.2024 – Autodrom Most 6h

   - 15.6.2024 – Autodrom Sosnová 8h

   - 14.9.2024 – Polygon Most 8h

   - 3.11.2024 – Autodrom Most 6h

   The race duration is determined by the time interval between the start and the finish. The leading driver will be flagged with a checkered flag when crossing the finish line at the end of the lap when the prescribed time interval elapses.

X.3. Driving:

   - The driver must drive the vehicle alone and without assistance.

   - The driver can be a member of only one vehicle team in the race.

   - The minimum number of drivers per race vehicle is 2, and the maximum number is limited to 5.

   - The maximum continuous driving time for a driver is 2 hours.

X.4. The vehicle classified first in a group will be the one with the highest number of completed laps. The order of vehicles in the group will be determined by the number of completed laps and the order in which the vehicles cross the finish line. The number of completed laps is decisive, and the driver does not need to pass under the checkered flag.

X.5. The winners will be announced after each race in accordance with the schedule.

X.6. Points for the series will be awarded to teams in each race and for each group separately according to the following table:













The organizer announces the Amater Endurance Cup Trophy. All teams participating in any Amater Endurance Cup event during the season are automatically included in this classification. The winner of the Amater Endurance Cup trophy in a group for the season will be the team that:

   a) Scores the highest number of points in the Amater Endurance Cup series for the given season.

   b) In case two or more teams have the same number of points, the better classification will be awarded to the team with the best placement in any race of the season. If still tied, the better classification will be awarded to the team with the better placement in the last event of the season.



XII.1. Penalties include:

   - Reprimand

   - Fine

   - Deletion of race results

   - Disqualification

   - Suspension for a specified period

   - Withdrawal of license

   - Other penalties stipulated in these regulations

XII.2. Appeals can be made to the Race Director within 30 minutes of the decision announcement. The decision of the Race Director on the appeal is final.



XIII.1. By signing the application form, the competitors agree to the rules outlined in these regulations and acknowledge that they participate in the Amater Endurance Cup at their own risk.

XIII.2. The organizer reserves the right to amend these regulations, which will be communicated to competitors via official communications.


This regulation applies to the Amater Endurance Cup 2023 season and is valid from 1.1.2023 until 31.12.2023.